Our first art activity in this class was Plaster Casting. I decided to go to Huntington Beach to work on my project. With the help of my friend, we dug a hole in moist sand, large enough to fit my hand. While I stuck my hand in the hole, my friend buried my hand in wet sand. After firmly pressing down and slowly pulling my hand out of the sand, we created a mold ready for the plaster to be poured in.

After the mold was made, we began making the plaster mix. The instructions said that the mix required a 2:1 ratio of mix to water. When first making the mix, it was a lot more watery than I expected. As a result, we had to add a lot more of the plaster mix to make a thicker consistency. Once finished, we poured the mix into the mold created the sand. It took about 30 minutes for it to completely harden. I was somewhat worried that the plaster mixture wasn’t made correctly because I didn’t measure out the exact proportions. However, once we dug it out of the sand, it came out amazing. I was really impressed!

I had a lot of fun doing this art activity. I had never worked with plaster before so it was definitely a learning experience. If I were to do another project similar to this, I would know what and what not to do for the next time. Not only did I have a good time, my friend also had fun helping me!


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