fullsizerender-4This was the first week of Art 110. I actually ended up coming to class a couple minutes late. The class was completely full by the time I got there so I sat down at the first seat I saw open, which was right by the door. By doing so, I had the opportunity to meet my classmate,  Jared. He was really friendly and easy to talk to. While introducing ourselves, we found out that we had come from the same city, San Jose! When he told me he was from San Jose, I was caught off guard. Many of the people I had met at CSULB were from Socal, so it was awesome meeting someone who was from Norcal, especially the same city. We talked about the pros and cons of going to a school hours away from home.We also discussed the courses we had previously taken and the difficulties of them. Jared is a third year engineering student, but also works part time on campus and for his dad. Unlike me, he often goes to the beach to surf and hang out. Maybe once I get used to my new classes, I could pick up a new hobby like Jared. After meeting Jared, I’m looking forward to meeting my other classmates and learning more about them.


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