fullsizerender-1When I found about this week’s art activity, I thought it was very interesting and creative. Our goal was to capture an image our demise. During class, we came up with an example that we could use for our activity and shared it with our classmate. At the time I decided on capturing a photo of myself at the bottom of a hill due to a crazy fall. However, when it was time to actually go out and take pictures, I couldn’t find a hill similar to what I was imagining. I ended up deciding on a whole new scenario. I have been to many music festivals and there are often individuals who pass away due to drug/alcohol overdose. Many times, it is from a surplus of the two together. I decided on recreating that scene in the comfort of my own living room. With the help of my roommate, we found a few prescription medicines lying around the house and also a bottle of alcohol (don’t worry, it wasn’t mine). I actually had a difficult time trying not to laugh and act dead. All in all, it was a fun experience doing this activity. Im looking forward to next week’s art experience!


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