Artist: Kelvin Lopez

Exhibition: Scry Baby

Media: Printmaking, Crystals

Gallery: CSULB School of Art Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Website: https://www.facebook.com/klart760

Instagram: @klart760


Kelvin Lopez is currently a senior at CSULB and is in the process of receiving his undergraduate degree. He is working towards his bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Kelvin is  originally from San Diego and earned his associate’s degree at a community college in his hometown. When attending high school, Kelvin often struggled in his art classes, “I was not that great of an artist,”. He was not very good at drawing, but that did not stop him from continuing on with his career in art. His struggles only pushed him to try harder and continue taking art classes. He has always had a background in painting. All of Kelvin’s work consists of crystals and he also mentioned that he loves printmaking and geometric shapes. During his free time, he enjoys playing with his two dogs and attending concerts and music festivals, and drinking beer.


Kelvin’s gallery, Scrybaby, showcased many of his screen printed art pieces. All pieces had crystals involved. The images of his art piece included pictures of himself and also one of a child. He later explained that the child in that photo was his nephew. Most of his pieces were in black and white and a few were in color. Behind every piece came a different meaning. He also had a display of beautiful crystals in the middle of the gallery. There were all sorts of different shapes and crystals laid out.


All of Kelvin’s work was inspired by everyday personal experiences. He was greatly influenced by Alex Grey and Rob Brown. Rob brown often worked with geometric pieces. Because Kelvin preferred to use natural alternatives rather than chemicals, he enjoyed using crystals in every piece. He believes that today’s role in society is to speak to an audience. As a result, many artists use their art work as a technique to state their opinions on different topics. Similarly, Kelvin uses his art to speak to his audience. He enjoys hearing feedback and seeing the reactions of the viewers. He also mentioned that his love for crystals began because of his ex-girlfriend. He was given his very first crystal, a green onyx, from his former professor. Ever since then, he had a fascination towards them. He began collecting and researching them. He found out that every crystal symbolizes something different.


Out of the many exhibits displayed, Scrybaby was one of my personal favorites. I loved the fact that he incorporated crystals into every single one of his art pieces. From the conversation with Kelvin, I learned so much about crystals and their different meanings. I also learned a lot about printmaking. I had no idea printmaking was done in layers and that each layer consisted of only one color. When he described his struggles with art in high school, it really inspired me to continue to try and push myself to become the person that I aspire to be in the future. With hard work and dedication comes success.


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