Artist: Robert Nehemiah

Exhibition: Immaterial

Media: Paint

Gallery: Max L. Gatov Gallery West

Instagram: @wookieewarrior


Robert Nehemiah is currently an undergraduate student at CSULB. He is aiming for his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drawing and Painting and is hoping to attend graduate school for his masters. He was born in South Gate, California. During his free time, he enjoys listening to music. Growing up, he always had an interest in drawing. However, art was not his only career choice. Robert also had an interest in becoming a firefighter because he wanted a paying job. He has been drawing since he was a little kid. Most of his art work is based of materialism. He believes that these things are often overlooked.


Unlike most artists, many of Robert’s paintings were done on cardboard, wood, and metals. He often had to manipulate these materials in order for it to absorb the paint. This was very time consuming for him. He explained that it took about 8 months to finish all the paintings in his gallery.


Robert Nehemiah was inspired by materialism and it definitely showed in his art work. He explained that his art is temporary just like many other aspects of life. Many materialistic items that people tend to overlook, Robert incorporates into his pieces. Every single one of his pieces included a person that he has interviewed: Grandmother, himself, homeless person. He tries to connect each person to the material that he is painting on. His goal is to display the significance of each individual.


Robert’s exhibit was personally  very inspiring to me. I love how he incorporated the simple things in life into his art work. I love the style of his paintings. They were extremely realistic. I thought it was amazing how he used materials such as cardboard and used it as his canvas. I thoroughly enjoyed how there was a beautiful story behind each and every painting.









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