Artist: Molly Ramage

Exhibition: Sleep Sweat

Media: Paper Mache, Printmaking

Gallery: Marilyn Werby Gallery


Molly Ramage is currently a 24 year old student student at CSULB. She was originally born and raised in San Pedro. She has a 3 year old, Sylvia and often takes her to the park to play. She is a Printmaking major. Ever since she was young, she has always had a passion for drawing. She has even taken art classes as a kid.


Many of Molly’s art pieces include paper mache and printmaking. The centerpiece of her gallery was made completely of paper mache and was painted over with various different colors. The centerpiece that she made was her most recent art piece and is also her favorite because it is what relates to her the most. She also had drawings, collages, and prints hung around her gallery. Molly also made an animation that she had projected. It included 15 frames that continued to look.


Every single one of Molly’s pieces had a dream-like quality to them. Molly has always been inspired by her personal life and experiences, which led to the mystical creatures seen in gallery. She is also inspired by outsider art, children’s art, and art done by the mentally impaired. Every art piece Molly has done has something in common. They all are related to nightmares/dreams.


Molly’s exhibit was the first one I decided to take a look at and was my favorite. Her art pieces were eye-catching and all had its own unique look in a similar way. Every art piece was related to a dream or nightmare and I thought that was amazing. The details each picture true made it stand out. She also mentioned that she related to the characters in her  pictures. This exhibit was my favorite because I don’t think I could ever have imagined anything as creative as this. Every piece told a different story. She took the time to perfect every detail. I hope to see more exhibits similar to Molly’s.







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