Artist: Elena Roznovan

Exhibition: Stop&Stare


Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov East

Instagram: @eroznovan


Elena Roznovan is currently a graduate year student at CSULB. Before attending CSULB, she went to Maryland Institute College of Arts. She was originally from Moldova but moved to California at the age of 16 because she was inspired by the art of light and space here. She is hoping to apply for residency in other different states or other parts of the world. She had a background in projection works and has always loved painting since a young age. A lot of her art is influenced by Robert Erwin and Robert Bell. During her free time, she enjoys writing. She uses writing as a way of processing her thoughts and getting them out. She also loves collecting vinyls and spending time in the outdoors.


Elena’s art gallery only had one main artwork. She started on this gallery about 2 years ago. Her goal was to capture phenomenon on film. Her main piece was a video installation. There was a video playing on repeat. The video was 12 minute minutes long. She used an image of the outdoor environment as her background. Elena chose the image of a dry desert. She mentioned that almost everything in her gallery was square shaped and that light is an important factor to her art work.


Elena wanted her exhibit to represent nature and represent time through light, color, and space. She explained that her work was meant to signify how we live in such a busy world and that we should spend some of that time noticing the details. She took the idea of 2D art and turned it into a 3D art.


I genuinely really enjoyed Elena’s art gallery. I was really different from the other galleries I have seen throughout the semester. Most of the other art pieces I’ve seen have mostly been just paintings, screen printings, and sculptures. Elena’s art piece was very unique compared to the others. You were able to somewhat interact with it and see how the different angles of light affected it.


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