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ARTIST: David Desantis


MEDIA: Ink and paper, Printmaking

GALLERY: Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

INSTAGRAM: @rapturefineart


David Desantis is currently an undergraduate senior in the CSULB School of Art’s Printmaking Program. He is originally from Westminster. As soon as he turned 18, he knew he wanted to do something art related. At first, he was a majoring in typography and graphic design but decided to change it to printmaking. David began drawing at a really young age and has continued until this day. However, as a young teen, he often only drew motorcycles. He really wanted to attend school in Long Beach because they had one of the top art programs in the west coast.


Most of David’s art pieces are on thick white paper. He often chose to do each piece in just one color, mainly dark colors like black and red. Unlike many artists, David most of his art pieces stuck to the same few colors. He rarely used sharp lines. They were all curving and swirly lines. Although it may seem messy, it was very clean.


Every single one of David’s art pieces has multiple meanings to them. Each person can interpret each piece differently, it all depends on the individual. A lot of his artwork is influenced by music, mainly dubstep. I found that really unique because he mentioned that his artwork is based on “the rhythm and beats of the music.”


David’s art gallery was very interesting to me. All of his pieces were very realistic and did not have much color to them. Although some of his artwork was very simply, they were really detailed and I really enjoyed it. I also loved how clean his artwork was. The picture above was one of my favorites from his gallery.



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