Exhibit Information

Artist: Yujia Gu

Exhibition: Tracing Gun Violence in the USA

Media: Graphic Design, Print

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dutzi Gallery

Website: yujiagu.squarespace.com

About the Artist:

Yujia Gu is an international student at CSULB in her last year of the MFA program. She is getting her masters in Printmaking. She is mainly focusing on graphic design. Yujia was originally from China and she plans on returning after completing her education here in the US. Yujia also lived in New York for a short amount of time and decided to move to Long Beach. She has always been into graphic design since the age of 19 and has always been drawing as a kid. Yujia uses her social media to spread awareness of the problems that the world is going through. In her free time, she enjoys watching movies and visiting museums.

Formal Analysis:

Yujia Gu’s art gallery is based around one thing and that is Gun Violence. Right when you walk into the gallery, you see a huge image of a gun on the right. The gun consisted of smaller images of guns and words related to it. Yujia mentioned that gun violence is a revolving problem. When you look to the left side of the gallery, she placed a map of the United States with the statistics of gun violence crimes that have taken place within 72 hours. In the back wall were names and images of the victims of the Sandy Hook shooting.

Content Analysis:

Gun violence has always been a major issue in the United States. As a kid, Yujia has been wanting to come to the US to study but because there have been several cases of gun related violence, her parents were hesitant to let her move here for schooling. The point of her gallery was to explain to her audience that gun violence is a very serious issue here in the United States.

Synthesis/My Experience:

As I was viewing the different art galleries, I was really attracted to this one specifically. As soon as I walked in, I saw a giant image of a gun. It was also really interesting to learn about the statistics of gun violence in the United States. Previous to viewing this gallery, I was aware of how much gun violence there was, but I forgot how serious of an issue this is and also how often it occurs. It truly is sad to think about all the people that have passed due to this problem. I do think her gallery was effective and Yujia got her point across.



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