1. What did you think the experience would be lie?

I came into this art activity knowing how it was going to be like because I had done a similar activity like this in high school. I knew it was going to be somewhat difficult.

2. Was it easy or hard?

It was definitely hard for me. It was really difficult going throughout the day without any electricity. Because I did not have any wifi, I could not get any school work done. I also could not make myself any food. Therefore, I had to eat out.

3. Frustrating or Liberating?

It was a little bit of both. Because there was no electricity, I couldn’t do all the tasks that I would normally do on a daily basis. It was also liberating because I actually went out and didn’t stay at home on my phone/laptop all day.

4. Did you get better sleep? Are you usually sleep deprived? What would it be like to sleep well every night?

Because of school, I am usually sleep deprived. I definitely got more sleep during this activity because I did not have any distractions. If I slept well every night, I don’t think I would have to take as many naps throughout the day and I would be way less tired.

5. How is living without electricity more organic or harmonious with nature?

I think living without electricity is more harmonious with nature because it causes less pollution.

6. How is living without electricity more limited? is it boring?

Living without electricity is more limited because there is less light. You would have a limited amount of time to get stuff done because you would have to do everything before the sun goes down. I do think it is a little more boring because I am so used to being on my phone and laptop. However, it does force you to interact with your surroundings.

7. How do you think people survived without this constant stimulation?

I think it was easier for people to survive without this stimulation because they were never exposed to this amount of technological advancements. They were probably so used to it.

8. what would your ideal level of life activity and connectivity?

I am actually really content where everything is in my life. Although there are times were I try to stay off my phone, I do appreciate being able to access everything. It definitely makes everything a lot easier to do. If I didn’t have this much connectivity, I would probably spend a lot more time not procrastinating. FullSizeRender


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