So for this week’s classmate conversation, I had the pleasure of meeting Katie! I was unable to attend my usual 2:30 section so I went to the 1pm class instead. Katie is currently a 2nd year environmental science and film major. She is originally from the East Coast, moving around a lot, but mainly from Maryland because she lived there for about 6 years! Ever since attending CSULB, Katie is one of the few people that I met who is from the East Coast so it was really interesting learning about her life there. She moved around from Texas to Arkansas to Delaware to Maryland, and finally California where she resides in Huntington Beach. At first she didn’t like living here in California but soon got used to the environment. She mentioned that it was nothing like the East Coast. She is planning on majoring/minoring in them but at the moment doesn’t know which one. Unlike me, Katie enjoys chemistry and hates biology. During her free time, Katie enjoys rock climbing and going on trips with her friends, especially trips that involve scenic hikes! I really enjoyed talking to Katie and I’m glad I attended the 1pm section this week! IMG_5595


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