This class, by far, has got to be one of my favorite classes I have taken at CSULB. Being a biology major, most of the classes aren’t really as fun or laidback. Because this class had a lot of online resources (slack, beach art, wordpress), it made everything so much more convenient and easy to use. Before taking this class, I never even considered creating a blog for myself. After making one, I found it really relaxing and somewhat like a stress reliever for me. I even created a personal one to blog about my daily life. It also lets us be really creative with our own work space. I especially love how everyone’s blog is unique to their own personality. With these online resources, it was really easy to use and keep track of because it is literally at your fingertips. Like glenn mentioned in the beginning of the semester, beachboard really does boring to use and their online website is such a hassle when you’re on your mobile device.

My top three favorite activities were: Sketching in the Garden, Graffiti Writing, and Plaster Casting. My favorite out of the top 3 is definitely “Sketching in the Garden.” Who doesn’t enjoy going to a cute little Japanese garden during their free time, let alone class time! I loved just sitting their taking in the beauty of the garden. Although I am not the best at drawing, I enjoyed sketching it. I really wish we met up at the garden every week! Another activity I really liked doing was the graffiti writing! I have never picked up a spray paint can in my life before doing this activity. I have always wanted to try something like this but never really knew where to, mainly because I didn’t want to get in trouble for spray painting somewhere I shouldn’t have. It was also a fun little activity I got to do with my sister. We went out and bought the spray paint and found pieces of cardboard that we didn’t need. My sister may have even enjoyed it more than I did! Plaster casting was another activity that I had a lot of fun doing. I never really knew what it was before reading about it and was a little hesitant to complete it because I was afraid of messing everything up. But after finishing, it didn’t look too bad! It was also another excuse for me to spend the day at the beach with friends!

I really enjoyed all the activities we did every week. I got to be a little more creative with what I was turning in, unlike my other classes I was taking. I really had fun doing all the activities but if I had to choose 3 that were my least favorite, it would have to be: automatic drawing, zines and flip book, and the wedge. It’s not that I did not like doing them, I just had more fun completing the others.

I had so much fun taking this class and would definitely recommend this class to my friends. I think what also made this class fun was Glenn’s unique personality! You can tell how much effort and time he puts into his classes and his students. I have yet to take a class where the professor interacts as much with their students as Glenn did. I also had the chance to meet and actually talk to most of the students in my class because of the classmate conversations we did weekly. I love the idea behind this hybrid art class!!


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